Developing products for the clean technology field takes applied knowledge married with industry expertise, qualities we at Inertia have in abundance. With the sector growing exponentially, it is an ideal economic landscape in which to turn your clean technology idea into reality.


Clean Tech Design Company

Whether you have an idea for an energy-saving product or an energy-generating one, our team of product development experts can help you with all facets of your clean technology design, from initial concept right through to the marketplace.

Our services include:

  • Conducting research and strategizing to determine the optimal market positioning
  • Working with you to refine your idea into one that will differentiate itself from the competition
  • Ensuring designs work from a usability perspective by always keeping the end user in mind
  • Electrical and mechanical design services
  • Full engineering solutions
  • Developing a product that can be manufactured efficiently
  • Testing and validating the concept designs through a robust prototyping process
  • Sourcing components from producers who are a right fit for your needs
  • Manufacturing, including production prototype readiness testing and executing efficient production methods
  • Supply chain management, handling all stages of your product’s deployment from production to store shelves
  • Turnkey solutions, providing you with an all-in-one solution for your product development from concept to sales


Clean Tech Industry Expertise

Inertia has years of experience providing product development solutions to a broad range of industries. Our clients come from a diverse pool of sectors, from clean technology to health, safety, and medical devices. We believe in delivering an exceptional customer experience by way of

  • Weekly meetings to keep you informed and to listen to your needs at every stage of the cycle
  • Complete process documentation to improve communication and obtain quicker results
  • Full transparency and openness so you will always know your product’s status
  • High levels of client and team collaboration to push your concept through the development cycle faster


Partnering with Inertia saves you time and money. You will not only avoid the expense and time spent hiring development staff who are likely to remain underused between cycles; you can get your idea into the marketplace faster by leveraging our expertise.

When you need clean tech design and development services, our expert design team is ready to help your concept evolve quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us to learn how we can save you time and money while helping you get your product made the right way.