There are many stages of a product’s design and development, and engineers are crucial not only help create the specifications but to ensure that it meets them. Choosing a firm with the right mix of specialists, including commercial engineers, can mean the difference between a superior product and one that never gets off the drawing board.

Inertia delivers complete product design and development services geared toward turning your idea into a marketable product quickly, affordably and efficiently. Our highly-skilled team of experts have a broad range of experience across a variety of industries and can help you with the entire product cycle from concept to supply chain.

More Than Commercial Product Engineering

There is a host of commercial engineering consultants who will help you with your product’s design but little else. We are different. Inertia can provide you with as much or as little development help as you need. Our individual development services work together as a complete turnkey solution to help you along the product creation timeline from start to finish.

Our services include:


When your concept is still in the design stage, we will conduct market research and strategize your place in the market, helping you to differentiate your product from the ground up and setting it apart from the competition. We will also look at user experience and compliance requirements and design a product that meets or exceeds expectations.


As part of our integrated product development approach, we will engineer your product using the latest technology including conducting structural analysis, failure testing, schematic creation and to determine the optimal materials and components for its construction.


Prototyping is an integral part of the product development process, allowing us to test your product in a variety of environments and under different conditions. Prototypes are essential for viability testing, user experience evaluation, marketing purposes, certification planning and manufacturing capability.


Our ISO 9001-certified manufacturing processes are designed to ensure your product is produced efficiently, cost-effectively and according to strict quality controls. We can handle every aspect of your manufacturing including production planning, and we employ a Pre-Production Approval Process (PPAP) at each product’s launch to verify adherence to design specifications.

Supply Chain Management

Once your product has been manufactured, getting it into the marketplace can be a daunting task. Inertia takes care of all aspects of your supply chain management, getting your product from the factory to the end user while navigating all the intermediary steps.

By taking advantage of our integrated approach to product development, manufacturing and post-production management, you can save significant costs and time versus assembling separate teams.

So while many commercial engineering firms will help design your product, we believe in helping our clients throughout the entire product development and distribution cycle. Our focus, expertise, attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences is what sets us apart.

Contact us to learn how Inertia’s team of dedicated product development experts can help you through every stage of the cycle and help you get your product to market faster.