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We combine a large network of low-cost off-shore manufacturing partners with high value product engineering support

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We are NOT just another contract manufacturing middle-man.

Inertia combines high value product engineering support with a large network of low-cost off-shore manufacturing partners.

Before manufacturing, our design engineers can review product designs and drawings to make sure design intent is properly communicated and that we have a good baseline to measure product quality before the big money is spent on tooling.

At Inertia, we walk the walk. We are ISO 9001 certified so we know what it takes to make a quality product and find quality manufacturing partners. We have on-site personnel that audit the manufacturer’s quality systems to make sure they are up to the standards your product requires. We also conduct Pre-Production Approval Process (PPAP) checks at production launch to ensure products meet their intended design requirements.

Our relationship doesn’t end after the product is launched into production. During the entire manufacturing life-cycle our team can manage engineering changes, guide further cost reduction initiatives and troubleshoot any issues should they arise.

Contract Manufacturing: Frequently Asked Questions.

Why use an off-shore full service contract manufacturing partner like Inertia?

By using outside expert partners to manage your manufacturing engineering and procurement, you can maximum your internal resources and concentrate your core business.

We both do what we are good at. In today’s business, contract manufacturing is not just as simple as finding the lowest cost, it can be a strategic competitive advantage.

At Inertia, we believe that a contract manufacturer can be much more than just a part manufacturer or assembler and that is why we provide a full range of services from design to prototype, manufacturing and assembly, quality control to logistics.

The benefits of using a contract manufacturing partner are:

1. Reduce operation expenses and overhead cost; avoid additional expenses for facilities and the requisite regulatory costs associated with the actual manufacture of their products.

2. Reduce capital investment and avoid continually investing in maintaining and upgrading expensive test and/or manufacturing equipment.

3. Reduce the fluctuation of resource demands. Product development and launch is cyclic so bring in expert resources when you need them, don’t pay for them when you don’t need them.

4. Access advanced skills and required expertise

5. Concentrate on your core business of marketing and selling your product

What are the risks of off-shore contract manufacturing?

We all know there is no free lunch in this world, so we do not hide the risks of using a contract manufacturer. Some of the typical concerns are:

1. Safety of intellectual property
2. Quality control
3. Relationship management
4. Lack of control and loss of flexibility and responsiveness

These risks are precisely why Inertia’s ten years experience in offshore contract manufacturing management can help you succeed.

1. Inertia is based in North American and exists to take care your interests. We have well defined strategies to protect your intellectual property and can discuss with your our methods for minimizing this risk.
2. We are ISO9001 certified and so we know how to assess and ensure quality standards and quality performance of our suppliers
3. Our people deal directly with the manufacturer’s senior management so we can make sure your needs are translated directly to those who care and can make things happen.
4. We have employees on-the ground managing the manufacturing process. With on-site support we remove the challenges of culture barriers, language difficulties, and the 12 hour time zone difference to give you peace of mind.

Inertia’s core strength and value lies in the fact that we vertically integrate the entire product development processes to provide a turn-key, one-stop-shopping experience from product concept-to-manufacturing. The result is a highly streamlined process that shortens lead-times, reduced product development costs and increases return on investment.

Who can benefit from partnering with a full-service contract manufacturer?

In today’s business-world, billion dollar companies (like Apple) completely rely on contract manufacturing partners. Small and medium size companies can also benefit from contract manufacturing, especially start-up companies which typically have limited resources and skill. Contract manufacturing allows companies to focus on what they do best, such as technology development, marketing, and sales.

What type of products can Inertia manufacture?

• consumer packaged goods
• consumer electronics
• automotive components and assemblies
• electro-mechanical systems
• medical equipment
• industrial equipment

What type of manufacturing methods can Inertia support?

Turn-key product assembly

  • light assembly

  • end of line testing

Electrical products

  • Embedded controls

  • Printed circuit boards

  • Wire harness

Metal products

  • Metal stamping

  • Aluminum extrusion

  • Fabrication & Machining

  • Al, Mg, Fe Casting

Plastic products

  • Tooling design

  • Injection & Blow moulding

  • Vacuum forming & casting

  • RTM

What is Inertia’s Full Service Contract Manufacturing Process?

contract manufacturing process

Full Service or Simple Sourcing – Which Service Suits Your Business?

As your product development partner, our goal is to bring your product to real life in the fastest, most cost effective way. No leaves are exactly the same in this world, so Inertia can work with you either from start to finish or provide our service at any stage.

Turn-key solution from concept to consumer

• You just have idea, business plan and investment
• You do not have concept design, detail design etc
• You do not have suppliers
• You need someone to take care of all steps of product development and deliver your product to your customer

We manufacture for you if you already have design

• You have an existing product design (and even a supplier) but want to find a new off-shore manufacturer

How Does Inertia Get Paid?

Different customers have different needs and so we’ve found two different compensation structures to work well depending on the maturity and strategy of your company.

• For those companies who want to control their supply chain (i.e. purchase directly from the end manufacturer) we recommend a fee for service (hourly rate).

• For those companies who just want to purchase a product and do not want to deal with vendors, we build our fees into the manufacturing & assembly piece price.

What is Inertia’s Essential Cost Model (ECM)?

One of our integrated services is the Essential Cost Model (ECM). Over the years, we often find clients run into this situation – without fully understanding the essential production cost, give the commitment of product price which they cannot deliver. Recently crowd funding is a very popular way to general initial funding for new product ideas. In many cases, start-ups are effectively bankrupt after they have successfully achieved their crowd funding targets because they have not built accurate or reliable cost models for product development, certification, tooling and manufacturing.

Inertia’s ECM includes the best practices and knowledgebase we have developed over the past 10 years. It includes virtually all costs and timing associated with the product development cycle, such as design, engineering, testing, tooling, shipping, fulfillment, etc.

We can build the Essential Cost Model for less than $5,000 in most situations. If you decide to move forward with Inertia to complete product design, development or manufacturing sourcing this cost will be credited to your services.

How does Inertia select and manage suppliers?

For the past 10 years, Inertia has developed a large network of trusted suppliers in both North American and China. We build strong, long good standing relationships with our suppliers because we believe they are not just someone who will produce the cheapest product, they are our strategic partner who we can trust and work together to provide you the best manufacturing solution.

All suppliers we select for you will go through our supplier qualification process. As an ISO9001 certified company, we have proven supplier quality standards, supplier qualification processes and on-going management processes to ensure high quality, fast delivery and service.

Inertia has a team on ground to take care of your interest, whether it is for quality audits, first article inspection or pre-shipping inspection, we are there.