When you have an idea for new durable medical equipment such as mobility assist devices, ventilators, and other items, partnering with an expert product development team with medical industry experience is crucial to a fast and cost-efficient development cycle.

Inertia has considerable experience helping clients with durable medical equipment design, engineering, and prototyping, helping them see their initial concept through the development stages all the way to the marketplace.

Durable Medical Equipment Engineering

One of the key challenges facing durable medical equipment developers is assembling the right team to develop and design their new product. It can be a prohibitive expense for many new companies, especially startups, and the development staff may end up being underused in between product cycles.

Unlike most companies offering product development services, we do more than just design your product. Our complete turnkey solution gets you from ideation to store shelves faster and more cost-effectively than going through the trouble of putting together an in-house team.

As part of our complete solution we can:

  • Conduct market strategy and research to determine how to best design your durable medical equipment so that it is differentiated from competitors and will stand out in the marketplace
  • Provide you with an expert team of product development specialists committed to finding the best solutions for your needs
  • Work collaboratively to move the project forward, meeting regularly with you in an open and transparent way
  • Provide complete prototyping services to test the validity of your design, user experience, and production readiness
  • Handle production by using high-quality manufacturers with full quality control processes in place
  • Ensure manufacturing design adherence by conducting Pre-Production Approval Process (PPAP) checks
  • Monitor and track production schedules for you
  • Manage all aspects of your supply chain from factory to store shelves


With our turnkey solution, our dedicated team of product development expert will take you through every stage of the product cycle, freeing you to focus on other areas of your business.

You will enjoy a faster time to market, reduced development costs, a streamlined process and the ability to leverage the experience and expertise of our engineers and designers. We have a proven track record helping companies turn their durable medical equipment ideas into tangible market-ready products effectively and efficiently.

Contact us to learn how our turnkey durable medical equipment engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing services can be put to work for you.