The electrical design process is a vital part of the product development cycle. It involves designing the power and control systems of devices such as batteries, inputs and button functionality.

When you are undergoing development of a new device, Inertia has the expert electrical design services to ensure that its subsystems work according to specifications, comply with regulations and best practices, and help position your product as a leader in the marketplace.

Electrical Design Services

As today’s devices become more and more complicated, so too are the electrical systems needed to support them. Some of the areas of focus of the electrical design process include:

  • Critical power systems, determining the power requirements of the product and designing the energy flow so that it supports full electrical capability
  • Communications. Will the device have communications capability? Electrical design determines how best to achieve this and works to incorporate systems such as cellular and BlueTooth up to and including full Internet of Things connectivity
  • Antenna design, integrating antennas into your device in such a way that achieves maximum signal strength without loss due to interference
  • Ensuring the device is radio frequency shielded according to regulatory standards
  • Designing specific electrical systems for wearables


All of the electrical systems we design are done so with a keen eye toward the final manufacturing process. While the prototyping process needs to show both utility and functionality, your ultimate product also needs to be able to be mass produced in a cost-efficient manner.

Many product designers make the critical mistake of designing systems that later turn out to be un-manufacturable. At Inertia, everything we do hinges around being able to get your product to the marketplace as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Inertia’s Product Development Expertise

Our team focuses on delivering results by helping you design and manufacture your product. We live and breathe the product development process, and are driven to see your idea become a reality.

Beyond electrical design services, we can assist you with your product development in any capacity you require. Our services include:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing management
  • Supply chain management


Additionally, our turnkey solution takes the guesswork out of the process for you and can take complete charge over your product development cycle through our ISO 9001-certified process.

We can:

  • Provide guidance on your product’s early development including advice on how to differentiate it from your competition
  • Assemble a team of dedicated and expert specialists to help get you there from start to finish
  • Manage and track production schedules
  • Handle management of the production process using high-quality manufacturers
  • Manage your supply chain


At Inertia, we believe in helping our customers bring products to the marketplace that stand out from the crowd. Our passionate attention to detail, client focus, and product development expertise makes us the ideal partner to assist in bringing your idea to life.

Contact us to learn how our team can guide your new product to the marketplace quickly and efficiently.