There’s an art to designing and developing health and fitness equipment that will compete in a competitive marketplace. Understanding how to differentiate your product so that it stands out in a crowded field, engineer it to industrial design standards and shepherd it through the development cycle quickly requires expert guidance.

At Inertia, our team of product development specialists has the passion backed by years of industry experience to help your fitness equipment design flourish.

Gym and Fitness Equipment Design Expertise

We believe in helping our clients across a broad range of industries reach their product development goals through transparency, openness and exceptional customer service. Our team undertakes gym and fitness equipment design with an eye toward usability, functionality, and aesthetics.

Everything we do, from design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and supply chain management is aimed at seeing your idea become a reality quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our services include:


Our design process involves much more than just determining if your idea is viable. We will work with you to examine it from a user experience perspective, as well as assist with market research and strategy and product cost estimates to ensure that it is positioned to succeed in the marketplace.


Our design specialists will use a variety of methods to create prototypes so you can test all aspects of your product’s functionality. From the visual proof of concept to pre-production prototypes, we can help shape your fitness equipment’s evolution into a production-ready model.


All of our design and development activities are geared toward the efficient production of your product. Once you are ready for production, our ISO 9001 certified team can manage all aspects of the manufacturing process, from evaluating the prototype to planning and efficient execution.

Supply chain management

Take charge of all stages of the deployment of your product from the factory floor to store shelves with our supply chain management solutions. You will reduce costs and, with the ability to know where your shipments are at all times, boost customer service.


Our turnkey service is a one-stop solution for your product development needs. From idea through to retail sales, our team can manage every aspect of your product cycle.

Customer-Focused Fitness Equipment Design Services

At Inertia, the customer experience is at the core of all of our services. When you require gym and fitness equipment design services, our team of product development experts will help you every step of the way.

Partnering with Inertia means weekly meetings, full documentation of our processes and an artful choreography of the development process to help get your product into the marketplace faster and have it do well.

Whether you just have an idea or are further along the development timeline, we can help you get the most out of your investment in the shortest amount of time. Get in touch to learn how our dedicated team of design specialists can turn your gym and fitness equipment idea into a strategically-positioned product.