Are You Looking for Industrial Design Development Expertise to Help Create Products That People Will Fall in Love With?

Inertia's Industrial Design Consultants will study the relationship between your product, the user, and the environment to create concepts and requirements to optimize the function, value, and appearance of your product.

Inertia's experienced Industrial Designers will:

  • Study the market and your brand to identify the target customer personas
  • Analyze and optimize where and how the product will be used in order to develop functional, user interface, and ergonomic requirements
  • Create product function, form, and feature requirements
  • Create design concepts – sketches, 3D surface models, and photo-renderings
  • Selection colors, finishes, textures, and markings
  • Work with marketing, engineering, and manufacturing to create balanced business solutions

Inertia Industrial Design Consulting in Toronto

Creating a new product from idea to store shelves is a challenging task and requires a delicate balance between customer needs, market positioning, and the technical know-how to execute successfully.

Inertia’s Industrial Design Consultants will research your market and understand where your product fits and how to make it stand out from the crowd.  They will create beautiful product designs that are easy, intuitive, and joyful to use all the while balancing manufacturing and business requirements.

Inertia’s industrial design services are often serve as the entry point for our clients to engage our help – once they’ve already proven some of the basic functional aspects of the product.

When to Use an Industrial Designer or Industrial Design Firm?

Industrial design is one of the first stops in the design process and is an essential part of product development. Its role is to combine marketing and technical requirements and create visually aesthetic product concepts that bring joy and delight to the person using it.

Industrial designers are typically used when developing products that have the following market needs:

  • The product must be visually appealing
  • The product requires frequent human interaction
  • The product will be deployed on a mass scale so it must be easy to use, intuitive, requiring little guidance, training, or explanation
  • You want to ensure your customers receive a certain and specific user experience

An industrial designer would not normally be engaged to assist on products or systems that are more industrial in nature and those that are one-offs. Some examples might include manufacturing plant equipment, or under-the-hood or out-of-sight technical components such as gearboxes, pumps, motors, mechanisms, machinery, etc.

Inertia’s Industrial Design Solutions

Some of the aspects of Industrial design services include:

  • Benchmarking
  • User personas
  • Product use cases and workflow analysis and optimization
  • User interface design
  • Aesthetics
  • Colours, finishes, and surface textures

Why Include Industrial Design Engineering Expertise on Your Project?

Most product design starts with industrial design as that is the discipline that most expertly makes the connection between the user to the product.
Industrial designers typically create the overall look, feel, and human interface of the product and define what the product must do for the user. Electrical and mechanical design engineers work out “how” the product will achieve its functions. Engineers focus more on ensuring the mechanisms, work, electrical circuits work, stiffness, strength, and so on meets the product needs. Engineers will also oversee product testing and certifications as well as ensuring the product can be manufactured to meet the business case needs.

There tends to be significant overlap between industrial design trends and engineering but if either one is neglected there is a real risk of producing a product no one wants (without industrial design expertise) or a product that won’t work or can’t be made efficiently or profitably (without engineering expertise).

Inertia’s Expertise as a Product Design & Industrial Design Company

Our design team understands what it takes to make your product stand out in a crowded marketplace.

We’ll help you understand what are your customers’ true desires – even those desires they haven’t yet even self realized. We’ll help you develop patents to secure industry leading features and aesthetics. These we’ll help bring those ideas to life in the form of appearance prototypes as well as functional prototypes to validate your product ideas.

Our industrial design services have seen service in a broad range of industries including

  • Medical device technology (medtech)
  • Health and safety
  • Cleantech
  • Fitness
  • Consume

Specifically for medical device design, there are standard guidelines (IEC 62366 – Application of Usability Engineering) that helps to define the requirements to ensure that medical device user interfaces have been properly designed so as to minimize potential misuse of the product.

We have built Inertia around delivering an outstanding customer experience and because of our collaborative and disciplined approach maximize the potential for our customers’ success to help drive innovation in products that will outperform the rest of the market.

Contact us to learn how our industrial design studio can help make your idea a reality. We are based in Toronto, Canada but serve clients across North America.

Inertia is ready to assist with our industrial design services & industrial design consultancy as an integral part of your product development cycle. We will take the guesswork out of the equation for you and guide you through the design and prototyping process to get your product manufactured and in the marketplace as quickly as possible.

  • Working with Ray and his team at Inertia has been a game changer for AMJ.

    Bruce Bowser, President & CEO, AMJ Campbell
  • They perform miracles with their turnaround times, especially on prototypes.

    Yuri Dobrovolsky Vice-President, Technical Director, Newcon Optik
  • The Inertia team gets it, they are good at having empathy and putting themselves in the shoes of the product user. Inertia always exceeds expectations in terms of communication, setting expectations, and the way the team conducts themselves.

    CEO, Ingenyewity (founders of yewtwist)
  • The Inertia team is exceptionally good at communication – it is their clear differentiator.  Their team is very hands on and flexible.  They really care and go above and beyond to make sure things are done right.

    Tino Alavie, President & CEO, Qvella
  • The team at Inertia is honest, straightforward and their drive to work collaboratively really stood out for us.  They are also meticulous and do what they say they will do.  If we were to attempt this kind of product development in house it would have taken us 5 times longer.

    David Harding, CEO, RAZ Designs
  • At Inertia, you immediately know that you are working with people who care about your product and your success. I especially respect the way they handle challenging situations. Inertia has far exceeded my expectations for professionalism and care.

    Ali Ghafour, Founder & CEO, 20/20 Armour