Our mission is to seek out and deliver the best manufacturing solution and experience for your business situation – end of story.

At Inertia, we employ systematic approaches to product manufacturing. We offer both local and overseas custom manufacturing solutions to ensure your product is produced to meet the quality, cost, and delivery needs of your business.

Product Manufacturing Companies Can Be Many Things

What Inertia is:

  • We are a one-stop customer service company that specializes in product design and manufacturing, so we understand and are experienced in what it takes to seamlessly sheppard product designs from the studio to the manufacturing floor.
  • We are obsessed with delivering outstanding quality, speed and customer service experience
  • We are a strategic partner for forward thinking, growth oriented brands and product OEM companies
  • Based in Toronto, Canada – Inertia serves both local clients, as well as those in the United States.

What Inertia is Not:

  • We are not a “lowest cost” vendor. We compete competitively on service, quality and speed.
  • Inertia is not a traditional manufacturing company in that we don’t produce components or assemblies on premises
  • Inertia is not a middle man, broker, or agent. We consider ourselves to be “manufacturing sherpas” help you with the strategy and heavy lifting to guide you through the entire product manufacturing launch and quality control process.

Inertia's Product Manufacturing Process

The first step in every successful Inertia / client relationship is to determine whether Inertia is a fit to help your product manufacturing situation.

The success of any project hinges on the up-front planning. Our team collaborates with you to create product manufacturing plans and quality specifications, evaluates your design for manufacturing readiness, manufacturing method evaluation to then create a project scope that contains detailed product manufacturing timelines, budgets, etc.

To find manufacturing facilities that are right for your business is of course one of the most important steps in the product manufacturing process. Inertia has a detailed process for finding, evaluating and qualifying manufacturing facilities which significantly increases the chances for success.  Check out the exact Manufacturer Evaluation Checklist we use to qualify our manufacturing partners.

Once initial planning is completed, we determine more granular product specifications and interrogate the product design to make sure it is ready to be manufactured.  Our product development team can guide and prepare designs so they are manufacturing feasible so they can be manufactured efficiently to meet your business model cost targets, and with the level of quality your customers requires.  From detailed component and assembly drawings with Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing to electronics schematics there is a mountain of documentation that needs to communicate the design intent so you to ensure success.

After all plans specifications have been compiled and finalized, we produce “pre-production” prototypes as a final gate before releasing designs for mass manufacture. These prototypes are then used for you to evaluate final fit, function, finish as well as for design validation and even pre-certification testing.

So you have product designs, drawings, schematics, prototypes you’re all set now.  Not so fast.  How will you communicate whether the manufacturer has made good product or not?  While the documentation has most of the information the manufacturer needs, the expectation has not yet been set for quality.  How will the manufacturer check the project at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure quality, how often will they check it, what kind of countermeasures do they have in place, these are all questions that need to be asked and a plan specified.  For more detail, you can check out our Quality Planning Checklist and On-going Quality Management Checklist.

At Inertia, our team employs Pre-Production Approval Process (PPAP) checks at production launch to ensure products meet their intended design requirements. Once the prototype meets the desired quality and capabilities, Inertia will manufacture your product. We employ top industry standards in our manufacturing facilities and have a team with the skills and passion necessary to complete even the most complex jobs in a timely, efficient fashion.  For more information on how to ensure your product launch goes smoothly, check out our First Production Run Checklist

Manufacturing Products Right - the First Time

We can’t tell you how many sad stories we’ve heard about failed product manufacturing launches and quality problems that have seriously injured or ruined otherwise successful companies.  While it’s certainly sad for us to hear those stories it’s even more disappointing to know that those tragedies could have been prevented with the proper planning and experienced team to guide the product manufacturing process and execute manufacturing launches flawlessly.   

Our diverse ISO 9001 certified product manufacturing team work quickly and diligently to successfully get your products to market. We have experience across all industries with businesses around the world, giving us the context and understanding to manufacture products that meet your market’s needs.

Our product manufacturing services are just one part of the full suite of product design and development services Inertia offers. From supply chain management to rapid product prototyping, our turnkey offering of design and engineering services positions us to be a successful partner for any of your business’ needs. Whether you are looking for something as complex as medical product manufacturing to a simple mechanical manufacturing project we’ve got experience across the range. Call us today to learn more about how your business can benefit from partnering with Inertia.

  • Working with Ray and his team at Inertia has been a game changer for AMJ.

    Bruce Bowser, President & CEO, AMJ Campbell
  • They perform miracles with their turnaround times, especially on prototypes.

    Yuri Dobrovolsky Vice-President, Technical Director, Newcon Optik
  • The Inertia team gets it, they are good at having empathy and putting themselves in the shoes of the product user. Inertia always exceeds expectations in terms of communication, setting expectations, and the way the team conducts themselves.

    CEO, Ingenyewity (founders of yewtwist)
  • The Inertia team is exceptionally good at communication – it is their clear differentiator.  Their team is very hands on and flexible.  They really care and go above and beyond to make sure things are done right.

    Tino Alavie, President & CEO, Qvella
  • The team at Inertia is honest, straightforward and their drive to work collaboratively really stood out for us.  They are also meticulous and do what they say they will do.  If we were to attempt this kind of product development in house it would have taken us 5 times longer.

    David Harding, CEO, RAZ Designs
  • At Inertia, you immediately know that you are working with people who care about your product and your success. I especially respect the way they handle challenging situations. Inertia has far exceeded my expectations for professionalism and care.

    Ali Ghafour, Founder & CEO, 20/20 Armour