Are You Looking For Mechanical Design Expertise to Ensure Your Product is Viable and Ready to be a Marketplace Leader?

Inertia's Mechanical Design Consultants turn your concept into an expertly-engineered product excelling in form and functionality that is ready to be efficiently manufactured for maximum profitability.

Inertia's experienced mechanical design engineers will:

  • Guide you through the development cycle
  • Maximize the product user experience
  • Ensure product functionality
  • Design a manufacturable product
  • Maximize your product’s profitability

Inertia Mechanical Design Consultants

Creating any new mechanical / electro-mechanical device is a challenging task. Taking it from idea to reality requires the simultaneous application of design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise to ensure that it proceeds quickly and efficiently as possible.

Mechanical design is an essential part of the process. Its role is to choreograph the arrangement and functionality of structures and mechanisms within the unit so that it works according to specifications and can be manufactured efficiently and profitably.

Inertia offers mechanical design services as part of an overall product development strategy, leveraging our years of experience in prototyping and design excellence to help guide you through the complex cycle.

Why Use The Expertise of a Mechanical Design Engineer?

All physical products whether or not they use or contain electronics are the result of mechanical design. Most respectable mechanical design companies will often have both industrial designers as well as mechanical designers on staff in order to cover all aspects of mechanical product design.

Industrial designers typically create the overall look, feel, and human interface of the product and mechanical design engineers will focus more on arranging the components within the product (also referred to as “packaging”) design the structure, mechanisms, and oversee product testing and certifications pertaining to the mechanical aspects as well as design for manufacturability.

There tends to be quite a lot of overlap between industrial design and mechanical design but if either one is neglected you run the risk of either producing a product no one wants (without industrial design expertise) or a product that cannot properly function or be manufactured efficiently or profitably (without the required expertise).

When Do you Need a Mechanical Design Consultant?

The more complex the product, the more you will need a more seasoned, experienced and broadly knowledgeable engineer who can expertly guide the engineering process.

Mechanical designers typically carry out product design tasks which have been choreographed as part of a larger overall strategy. Execution without strategy is a recipe for getting nowhere which is why most mechanical design companies have senior engineers who act in a role of design consultant.

Mechanical design consultants map out the overall product engineering strategy – how the various components come together, their interactions from a space, mass, structural, thermal and cost perspective to name a few.

Consultants don’t usually perform the actual mechanical design, they guide and choreograph the process, constantly evaluating and reevaluating strategy and assumptions as the design evolves.

Mechanical Design Services

As a product development company, our services have helped many products rise from drawings and take form as viable production-ready prototypes.

Some of the aspects of mechanical design include:

Whether your device is simple or complicated, it is vital that the components are not only optimal for its intended purpose but that they are manufacturable in volume.

This process involves determining how the components are to be created, sourcing the materials, as well as conducting thermal design governing heating and cooling.

Once we have determined the device’s constituent elements, a large part of the process involves understanding how to arrange them into a form that comes together into one cohesive working unit. Proper component integration is vital to a well-functioning product.

There is a host of governmental, consumer and industry standards out there, from regulations governing electromagnetic emissions to industry-specific codes such as with medical devices.

Inertia works to ensure that each device is mechanically designed to conform or exceed the relevant standards the first time, so you will not have to worry about going back for re-designs farther down the road.

Many product designers will 3D print their prototype components only to discover that the necessary structures cannot be mass-produced in a cost-effective manner. At Inertia, we always conduct our design process with the end manufacturing process in mind.

At some point all physical product components have to be manufactured and then assembled together. How well this happens is largely determined by how well the mechanical design was executed.

Product design is a fine balancing act, that must satisfy a number of customers and requirements – from function to aesthetics, cost and regulatory. The design phase of any product is where almost all product variables are locked in. This phase also holds the most influence over product cost which is comprised of material, labour, overhead, and profit.

Design for manufacture (DFM) looks at specifying the most appropriate materials, manufacturing methods, and assembly step for the product. DFM also looks at how many components are being used to achieve the product function.

The fewer the number of components, the lower the cost of the product, the more reliable it will be, the easier it will be to assemble and the easier it will be to manage supply chain and so on. The DaVinci saying “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ” is certainly applicable when designing for manufacture.

The engineer constantly evaluates and reevaluates these variables though review of the product design itself and the bill of materials as the product design evolves and matures.

If you design a product without regard for manufacturing feasibility or manufacturing cost, you can easily run a high probability of product and business failure.

Inertia’s Mechanical Design Expertise

Our expert team knows what it takes to compete in a crowded marketplace, and we have everything you need to help you along from idea to production.

From working with your legal team on patents to prototyping, engineering, and supply chain management, Inertia has the skillset to see you through.

Our services have seen service in a broad range of industries including

  • Medical tech
  • Health and safety
  • Cleantech
  • Fitness
  • Consumer

We are passionate about delivering outstanding customer service, and we believe in helping our clients develop innovative products that will outperform the field.

Inertia is ready to assist with our mechanical design services as an integral part of your product development cycle. We will take the guesswork out of the equation for you and guide you through the design and prototyping process to get your product manufactured and in the marketplace as quickly as possible.

Contact us to learn how we can make your idea a reality.

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