The medical device design and engineering process requires a broad base of expertise and knowledge due to the enormous challenges developers face in bringing these types of product to market. Not only do these items face an uphill battle regarding regulatory compliance, but they also require specialized medical engineering knowledge to design them correctly.

If not designed properly, medical device manufacturers risk leaving themselves open to potential liability in the form of hefty fines. In fact, millions have been levied against companies by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration due to defects.

Our ISO-9001 certified manufacturing processes ensure strict adherence to exacting specifications designed to meet or exceed relevant industry regulations.

Inertia has a broad range of experience across numerous industry sectors, including medical devices. Our team of expert product design specialists will leverage their unique skillsets to help you bring your idea to the marketplace.

Medical Device Design and Engineering Services

Unlike other medical device design and engineering companies, Inertia offers a complete product development solution helping you to shape your device into a finished, sales-ready device. From the initial design stages through prototyping, manufacturing and supply-chain management, Inertia’s turnkey solution turns your idea into reality.

Our turnkey solutions include:

  • Our initial design services not only work to create a working prototype; we will also conduct market research and work with you to flesh out your idea so that it will succeed in the marketplace.
  • Full prototyping that tests your product in both controlled and real-world scenarios, from usability and viability through to manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and product testing certification
  • A complete suite of ISO-9001 manufacturing services using only experienced and reliable production facilities with high levels of quality control and standards
  • Comprehensive supply-chain management that handles your product from production facilities right through to end-user delivery


The Benefits of Inertia’s Medical Device Design Process

Partnering with Inertia means working with a company that has a passion for providing exceptional customer experiences. Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Realize significant cost savings versus the expense of setting up an in-house development team
  • Access to an expert team of product development specialists
  • Leverage our knowledge and experience to get your product to market faster
  • Complete solutions to allow you to focus on your business while leaving the product development to us
  • Full documentation of every stage of the development process to improve collaboration and enhance efficiency
  • Full transparency and openness in everything we do
  • Regular weekly meetings with our team to boost communication, so you will always know what the project status is
  • Processes to increase the efficiency of operations including two-shift operations and regular team huddles


Inertia works with you on all aspects of your medical device design to ensure compliance, save you costs and speed up your delivery to the marketplace. From helping to position you as a market leader from the outset to handling the supply chain, we have the complete solutions you need to create and market a successful product.

Contact us to learn how our team of product design specialists can transform your concept into reality.