We recognise that creating a product from scratch is an exciting experience that can help launch new companies or establish you as a market leader. However, there are aspects of the project – from prototyping to testing and certifications, that may be outside of your core competency.

That’s where Inertia can jump in to help.

Our turnkey product development solution allows you to hand off any or all aspects of a project to our team of experts, who guide your vision to market – quickly..

Whether it’s saving time on sourcing manufacturers to make your product or developing go-to-market strategies that will successfully ensure your market position, Inertia is able to guide your product from idea to store shelves.

Our Turnkey Solution

When we embark upon a new product design project we consider both the strategic and tactical approaches that will result in getting your innovative idea to market quickly. Our fully integrated team of experts consider all aspects of the new product development journey from design to manufacture to delivering to your customers.all all the while guided by our ISO9001 certified product development process.

These services include new product development consulting, new product strategy development, and project engineering design.

As part of our turnkey solution, we:

Provide practical strategic advice on how to help make your product idea stand out from your competitors.

Assign you a dedicated team of experienced product development specialists that huddle daily to ensure they are all aligned to reach their goals, discuss challenges and innovate within a culture of openness and collaboration.

Provide an in-house service that monitors deadlines and tracks production schedules, freeing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business or begin planning for product launch.

Use high-quality manufacturers with experience in lean manufacturing, just-in-time production, total quality management, and statistical process control.

Conduct Pre-Production Approval Process (PPAP) checks at production launch to ensure that products meet their intended design requirements

Manage your supply chain to ensure it makes it to the store shelves quickly and efficiently.

We ensure all aspects of project management are completed for all development engagements with accountability and consistent communication with you so you know where the project stands at all times.

Advantages of Our Turnkey Approach

We’ll work closely with you through every stage of the project, so you’ll always know where your product is in development and give you peace of mind that no detail too small has been considered.

The benefits of our turnkey approach include:

  • Reduced time to market and minimized project risk
  • Ability to concentrate on more critical parts of your core business
  • A dedicated team focused on developing your product
  • A single point of contact for the product development process
  • Access to experienced designers and engineers
  • Ability to leverage our existing relationships with other product development experts
  • A proven disciplined approach to product development
  • Lower costs, streamlined processes, and minimized information flows
  • A successful product ready to sell in the marketplace

Have a product development challenge you can’t solve? Contact one of our representatives and we’ll turn your vision into reality.