Research, Planning & Strategy

Your customer is the expert on the problem your product is trying to solve. We’re passionate about designing products that will make you the expert on the solution.

We’re big believers that product development can only be as innovative as the quality of information that informs it. We rely heavily on customer centric research and visual business modelling to generate the insights we need to create exceptional products.

Our Research, Planning & Strategy Services:

  • Product Business Modelling & Strategy
  • Product Benchmarking
  • Product Requirements
  • Project & Product Risk Assessment
  • Product Development Planning
  • Patent Analysis
  • Proof Of Concept Prototyping

Design & Engineering

We’ve developed our own proven, highly choreographed 360 degree approach to design & engineering that goes well beyond considering how a product should look and work.

Every design and engineering decision is considered against a number of variables: market & user insights, cost, aesthetics, safety, quality, reliability, serviceability, manufacturing and assembly.

Our Design & Engineering Services:


  • Product In Use Testing & Optimization
  • Engineering Validation
  • Design Validation
  • Production Validation

Industrial Design

  • User Experience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Aesthetics

Testing & Certification

Mechanical Engineering

  • Structures
  • Mechanisms

Electrical Engineering

  • System Design
  • Board Design
  • Wireless Communications
  • Firmware & Software

Simulation & Analysis


Manufacturing can be a make or break moment in your product development journey. Lack of expertise in manufacturing can mean product defects, inconsistencies in quality, interruptions in supply – and sometimes much worse.

From planning, sourcing, pre-production and manufacturing itself, Inertia’s expertise in manufacturing takes all the guesswork out of what can otherwise be a complex and intimidating process.

Our Manufacturing Services:


  • Requirements Specifications
  • Product Specifications
  • Manufacturing Feasibility & Cost Analysis


  • Sourcing Strategy / Planning
  • On Site Vendor Quality Audit(s)
  • Vendor Analysis & Selection

Supply Chain Management


  • Prototype Production & Evaluation
  • Manufacturing Supply Agreements
  • Manufacture Quality Plan
  • Manufacturing Pre-Approval


  • Ongoing Quality Management
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection


We partner with our customers in three ways:

Fee For Service:

Our traditional fee for service model is most common with businesses looking to work with us as their product development partner.

In some circumstances we also participate with customers as investors or form joint ventures.


For some start-up customers we’ve placed minority investments in their companies anytime from pre-seed through to series-A. We typically invest anywhere from 10-20% of our service fees for eligible companies.

To see an example where we participated as both an investor and product design partner for an early stage child car seat manufacturer, check out our case study on Clek.

Joint Ventures:

Our joint venture partnerships are typically arranged with companies that have sales and marketing expertise in their specific industry or field. Inertia’s role in the JV is that of co-owner as well as technical design and manufacturing partner where we contribute our services at a steep discount or in-kind.

To see an example of a successful joint venture partnership, check out our case study on Affinity Vaults.

If you’re interested in partnering with Inertia