How We Decide Who and What to Invest In:  

We partner with start-up founders in the pre-seed stage whose businesses are hardware-reliant and are actively seeking a highly innovative technical team to go fast and reduce risk. Ultimately, we make our investment decisions based on a combination of three factors:  

  • How well our expertise can impact the product category: We invest in the products that fall within the following categories:  Med-tech, Clean-tech,  Ag/Food-tech, and Logistics.
  • How well the founders’ values mesh with ours. We gravitate towards founders that embody the following values: Confidence, Humility, Assertiveness, Fairness, Collaboration, Growth-mindset.
  • What potential the business demonstrates:
    • Timing of The Need: Does the world need your product in a big way, right now? 
    • Momentum:  Has the underlying business potential driving your product concept generated momentum through bootstrapping, pitch competitions, grants, accelerators or funding from friends and family? 
    • Proof: Has your proof-of-concept prototype already received validating feedback from future customers or in a state of readiness to solicit early feedback. 
    • Scalability:  Does your product have the potential to scale based on its ability to provide information, insight, and services through sensors, automation, intelligence, and connectivity? 

 Why partner with Inertia?   

  • World Class Team: You will love working with a world class team and company culture that loves a challenge 
  • Empowerment: You will have the pleasure of experiencing what we call the “chief sherpa” experience.  We’ll do the heavy lifting to empower you with the clarity and confidence to make the big decisions. 
  • Radical Transparency: You will have open access to every shred of knowledge and learning that happens throughout the journey of product development.  There is no black box here at Inertia. 
  • All Access: You will have access to and full use of our project, design, engineering and manufacturing systems and processes – to adopt as your own as you continue to grow.  Why reinvent these things? 
  • End-To-End, Full Stack, In-House (no really):  We know and do hardware inside and out, from start to finish – napkin to pallet. Innovation & technology strategy, design, engineering, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, quality management, through to supply chain management.   
  • Speed & Risk ReductionWe know how to build a product development strategy – to go fast, to minimize risk, and deploy capital efficiently

How Much Do We Invest?  

Typical pre-seed investments range between $50,000 – $150,000 depending on the product and business .

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