Our corporate customers come to us because they are seeking a strategic partner that can give them a business advantage.  Some reasons why they come to us are:

  • They are in high growth mode and need an expert team to get new products to market faster, alongside their internal product development and engineering teams.

  • They want to normally operate with a small efficient internal team and then work with an outside product development firm to do the heavy lifting when they need it – without carrying the overhead burden.

  • They have a technical challenge that they are not able to or have not been able to solve.

Our professional engineering and design teams will openly collaborate with your project manager, engineers or design staff to ensure that goals are met, problems are solved and knowledge is shared so you come away with not only the right solution but the learning that went into finding the solution.

Our rigorous design and engineering processes guided by ISO 9001 and AS 9100C quality management systems produce quality like a large corporation but with the agility of a start-up.

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