What You Need to Know Before Product Design

Whether you are a start-up considering your first product launch or a Fortune 500 company looking to get into a new product category, understanding your market and the product requirements is a critical component of initial product design.

No matter what the size of your project, our team of in-house designers bring the same level of commitment and attention to detail to what we do.

Our Product Design Services

When we design a product with our clients, we have these components in mind: customer satisfaction and usability, and profit through a quicker speed-to-market.

We bring the confidence of knowing we can achieve these goals through our product design suite of services that includes:

  • Market Research & Strategy
  • Product Benchmarking
  • User Experience + Human Factors Design
  • Aesthetic Form Development
  • Regulatory Compliance Requirements

The Benefits of Our Product Design Services

Our product design and development services are designed to guide you through every step of the product development cycle. From working with you on the initial design to prototyping, engineering, manufacturing or supply chain management, we have the expertise to see your product to the finish line.

Working with Inertia’s product design team brings you the following benefits:

  • Get your product off the ground and onto store shelves faster
  • Our design expertise saves you significant time versus going it alone
  • Assists you in developing a product aimed at becoming a leader in your niche
  • Enjoy an entirely transparent approach to your product’s evolution
  • Full documentation of the process to improve collaboration leading to faster solutions
  • A dedicated approach to the development process which includes regular client meetings, team cooperation and careful choreography of milestones to get results faster
  • An exceptional customer experience for your product development journey

In-depth Product Design Experience

Inertia takes pride in our User Experience focussed product design methods aiming to understand and flesh out how your product will be used early in the design process.

Using our expertise and our set of  core business philosophies , our team of industrial designers  will help you to define the product’s overall form, aesthetics, and usability that will make your customers sit up and take notice.

Find out how we can leverage our team of experienced product designers to bring life to your company’s vision!