Establishing and managing an entire supply chain can be a daunting task, especially for a startup with only one or two SKUs. However, it doesn’t have to be thanks to Inertia’s SCM solutions.

At Inertia, we have expertise in supply chain and logistics management to put you in control by managing your distribution at every stage. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in supply management, as well as some of the benefits having your own tailored SCM solution can bring.

What Is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is the idea that companies can and should be proactively in command of all stages of their supply chain. It means that a business can control the process every step of the way, from production right through to the store shelves.

Without end-to-end management pieces fall through the cracks impacting the current sale and eventually leading to fewer customers.  Experts in SCM know how to control the critical elements, ensuring products efficiently flow through the process with minimal market risk and the lowest cost.

Why Partner With Inertia?

The costs to start and maintain a supply chain management process can be prohibitive regardless of the size of your business. In addition, expert knowledge of SCM processes is required. Taken together, these two factors can prove to be large obstacles for an organization to overcome.

Our supply chain management team makes SCM accessible to every business, regardless of their size. We accomplish this by:

  • Removing your SCM burden. Most smaller companies, or those startups with a limited inventory of products, find it cumbersome to set up a full SCM system. We take that burden off your shoulders, delivering to you a fully managed and configured process.
  • Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s face it – SCM can be redundant and administration heavy. With our turnkey solutions, you’ll never have to waste time and effort managing your supply chain. Instead, you’ll be able to devote your resources toward other areas of your business.
  • Reducing overall costs. An effective SCM process can help to improve your bottom line. Not only will it streamline logistics and reduce shipping costs, but it will ensure that your inventory levels are perfectly managed. You’ll never lose money by having too few or too many items in stock.
  • Improving customer service. You’ll always know where your shipments are, at any time. This allows you to increase customer service levels by ensuring that goods flow on-time.

Having a supply chain management in place is vital for any business, and our team of experts is ready to get you on your way. Whether your company is enterprise-level or a single-product startup, Inertia SCM solutions can handle every aspect of your supply chain, leaving you free to grow your business.