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Strategic Sourcing and Manufacturing in China

  • Do you want to find a low cost manufacturing solution for your new product? You heard about China or AliBaBa, but not sure how to contact suppliers or how you can trust them?

  • Did you get an E-mail or call that your supplier is stalled due to quality problem, but you had a commitment to your clients. You wish someone can go to the plant to see what happened?

  • Your trading company, which was hired to organize your manufacturing in China, called you with an issue due to your design. You wish you have professionals to back you up?

  • Do you keep telling your supplier what is your expectation, but they keep delivering the wrong product? Maybe it is culture barrier, or something else. You are simply fed up!

Inertia is a Toronto-based turn-key product development solution provider. We have a track record helping clients, from all over the world, launch manufacturing in China. Backed by our strong engineering team, our China office can provide on-site support, supplier selection, factory audit, quality assurance, shipment inspection and so much.

Just some benefits in working with Inertia

  • Small volume production for validation and marketing

  • Process control plan and assembly line design

  • Pre-production manufacturing engineering

  • Product launch, sourcing and factory audit

  • Design for manufacturing and assembly

  • On site quality assurance

  • Quality control and process setup

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