Blood Analyzer

Product Summary Blood Analyzer Achievement Inertia was responsible for the industrial design & user interface, mechanical design of enclosures & structures, electrical design for manufacture, prototyping & component manufacture. Product Name FAST-IDTM BSI Panel Client Name Qvella For More Information Visit the Qvella Website

Ford Transit – BEV Drivetrain Mounting

The Azure Dynamics Transit Connect Electric is an all-electric van developed as a collaboration between Inertia, Azure Dynamics and Ford Motor Company. Integration and layout of electric motor, gearbox, and inverter system Conceptualization, design and engineering of drivetrain mounting systems Procurement and supply of machined and fabricated components      

Award-Winning Postural Support Seating System

The CoreChair is a dynamic postural support system that strengthens core muscles, improves metabolism, and reduces spine stress. CoreChair turned to Inertia after a number of failed attempts with other firms to commercialize the active seating technology. Inertia carried out the detailed design, engineering, prototyping and testing for the entire chair including the patented mechanism…