The Problem

COVID-19 continues to cause human suffering, loss and economic devastation on a massive scale.  

Proposed Solution

Address the problem of contact transmission and the need for scalable disinfecting solutions by creating a ‘family’ of modular AutoNomous Disinfecting Robotic Equipment (AKA ANDRE).

Product Description

ANDRE is an autonomously navigated and controlled vehicle that sprays an atomized disinfectant (fog) solution onto publicly shared surfaces. Unlike manual cleaning, fogging, or UVC disinfection methods, ANDRE quickly and effectively disinfects surfaces in large public spaces without the need for human operators wearing respiratory protection. 

Using a bio compatible disinfecting solution, ANDRE is intended to be used to disinfect indoor environments where large gatherings and cross-contamination between surfaces take place. (Ex. Airport, hotels, transit system, etcANDRE uses a bio compatible disinfecting solution.

ANDRE will autonomously drive around a given environment, avoiding objects and ledges, while providing traceability of when, where, and how often surfaces have been disinfected.

What’s Next

The Inertia team has completed initial concept designs and is now conducting market research to validate ANDRE’s product market fit. 

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