The Problem

Convention mechanical ventilators are prohibitively expensive in developing countries where resources are limited. In addition, unreliable electricity infrastructure and lack of trained healthcare workers compound the challenges of delivering adequate resuscitation care.

Proposed Solution

A portable emergency ventilator that’s ultra-affordable.

Product Description

The LifeAir G1 is a ventilator designed to automate cardiopulmonary resuscitation bags to deliver controlled breaths to patients who have difficulty breathing. Unlike conventional ventilators, the LifeAir is affordable, easy to use and portable. Conventional ventilators commonly used in intensive care units (ICU) cost $30,000. The LIfeAir will be offered in the low thousands, and is an innovative solution to a severe problem that has cost too many lives.

What’s Next

The team at Inertia & LifeAir have created a clinically verified prototype and are seeking additional funding to launch commercial production.

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