Product Summary

The Jaz and AT2 are mobile shower commode chairs that can be configured and adjusted to fit users for optimal positioning, maximum function and comfort.


We welcomed the opportunity to work with Raz Design to redesign 4 of their mobile shower commode chairs:  The JAZ, Trakz, AT2 & Zūm. Pictured above are the Jaz & AT2 models.

The main goals for the redesign of the Jaz were to improve the aesthetics while reducing manufacturing costs and adding some previously desired functionality. For the AT2, the goals were to reduce tilt effort, shorten the frame, reduce manufacturing costs and improve aesthetics.

Inertia was responsible for industrial & mechanical design, engineering and prototyping.

Client Name

Raz Design

For More Information

Check out our case study on our work on the Jaz & AT2

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