Part of the art of the product development process is determining what components go into it. This process is especially challenging when you are dealing with a complex mechanical or electrical device, and there are many factors to take into account to ensure that the finished product works as intended.

Component sourcing involves much more than designing the constituent parts of your products. To successfully bring your idea to life and into the marketplace, you need expert insight into not only how components will be manufactured, but who will be the right fit to provide them.

Component Sourcing

There is usually a chasm between creating a viable prototype and having it manufactured. Components used during the development stage are not always those that will be part of the finished product.

At Inertia, we take pride in providing solutions for all stages of the product development cycle, especially when it comes to the tricky task of component and materials sourcing.

Part of the challenge lies in not only finding the right component for your product but finding the right company to make it.

Since the final design cannot be locked down until you know where your components are coming from, we work to ensure that the sourced manufacturer is the right fit for the right part.

Moreover, every component that we source is done so with finished product manufacturing in mind, ensuring that when it comes time to mass produce your item it contains parts that can be made as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Product Development Expertise

Our team is passionate about helping you guide your product from idea through to store shelves. Sourcing of materials and components is one small but integral part of an overall solution aimed at a successful product creation.

Our turnkey product development solution can handle every aspect of the design and development cycle, handing you the valuable expertise to help speed up the process while saving you precious time and money.

We take your product creation strategy from a tactical perspective with the ultimate goal of helping your end product stand out from the competition. We do this by:

  • Working with you to develop your idea from a market-based standpoint, guiding you on ways to differentiate your product from others
  • Providing you with a team of expert product developers adhering to deadlines
  • Taking away the costs associated with hiring an in-house team
  • Using high-quality manufacturers that most closely align with your business objectives
  • Managing your supply chain from manufacturing to store shelves


In addition to our all-in-one solutions, we offer services geared toward your product development needs including design, engineering, prototype development and manufacturing consulting.

Let inertia guide you through the complex product development cycle so that you can get your idea into the marketplace as quickly and as viably as possible. Contact us to learn how our expert team can turn your idea into a reality while helping to position you as a market leader.