Many startups face a daunting set of challenges when trying to design, develop and bring a new product into the marketplace. Not only is it difficult to recruit and retain the necessary talent, but it can also be prohibitively expensive to assemble an in-house team that can potentially remain idle in between development cycles.

Inertia is ideally suited to deliver product engineering for startup companies, offering a full suite of solutions that go beyond the traditional design services provided by most development companies. When you partner with us, you are gaining access to an expert and specialized product development team that can help take your idea and see it through to the marketplace.

Product Engineering For Startup Companies

Many smaller firms choose to partner with Inertia because of what we bring to the table. Our startup product engineering services save startup companies significant time and money and help them get their product onto store shelves faster than by going it alone.

We accomplish this by:

  • Offering a full turnkey solution that includes design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, and supply chain management
  • Taking away the need to assemble your own staff and saving you the associated salary and administration costs
  • Providing you with the experts, you need to get the job done
  • Strategizing with you on product orientation in the marketplace to ensure that your design addresses a unique need
  • Providing assistance with costing models so you can gain accurate forecasts of the full cost to bring your product to market
  • Proceed through the development cycle faster thanks to our efficient operations, team collaboration and expert guidance
  • Collaborating with you via weekly client meetings that keep moving the process forward
  • Documenting all processes extensively to enhance efficiency and boost productivity
  • Designing your product with user experience and adherence to all relevant regulatory compliances in mind, ensuring that you will not have to go back and fix problems further along in the development cycle
  • Creating a full series of prototypes to test the viability, usability and manufacturing suitability and move you to final production quicker


Manufacturing Services for Startup Ideas

In addition to our startup product engineering services, we offer a full range of manufacturing and supply chain solutions to get your product produced, out the door and into the marketplace.

Our ISO-9001 certified manufacturing processes use a Pre-Production Approval Process (PPAP) to ensure that your product is being manufactured according to specifications before launch. We adhere to the strictest quality standards to produce your products as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Setting up and maintaining a distribution supply chain can be an expensive proposition for startups, but it does not have to be. With our supply chain management services, you can save additional time and money by letting us handle the movement of your product from the factory directly to the end user.

Inertia’s suite of startup product development and engineering services can help you through all stages of the development cycle affordably and efficiently. Contact us to learn how your startup can benefit from our complete product design and development solutions.