Right from our first discussion we’ll want to begin to understand what are the potential product risks, necessary certifications, industry standards, due diligence and user feedback your product will require.  And if you don’t know yet, we can certainly help define what is required.

Product test requirements can typically be driven by industry standards or regulations.  Additionally, our integrated product development approach employs failure modes analysis techniques as early as the concept design phase where we begin to assess the potential risks of product failure, compliance and function which is not covered by industry regulations.  Why do we start so early? To drive out risk, and increase probability of success.

Testing activities include:

  • Design validation planning

  • Design validation reporting

  • Oversight and witnessing of product testing

  • Instrumentation and data acquisition

  • Functional, durability and cycle testing

  • Usability and effort testing

Testing protocol familiarity:

  • Automotive FMVSS/CMVSS / SAE

  • ASTM / ANSI – general product testing

  • BIFMA, RESNA – furniture and rehab products

  • RESNA – Rehab + Assistive Technologies

  • UL, CE, CSA

Usability, Product Testing and Data Acquisition